IRS Audit Representation

IRS Audit Representation for Pennsylvania Taxpayers

IRS Audits Can Happen to Anyone, Including You

Being audited by the IRS is a life-changing event, and one that you don’t usually see coming. However, honest American taxpayers can and do come up against IRS audits all the time. The audit rate in Philadelphia County is 8.4%, and that possibility becomes higher as your income rises.

Audits can happen to anyone, anytime, and are often not a result of any wrongdoing. In fact, the IRS will randomly select people just to request additional information and make sure you’ve been filing your returns correctly.

Individually, the chances of you being singled out for an IRS audit are slim, but it happens to taxpayers just like you all the time. When it does, it may become a high-stress situation, which can make you feel isolated and alone. 

Our Pennsylvania IRS audit lawyers are here to help. Contact J. M. Sells Law for a free consultation: (412) 459-7480.

Don’t Wait to Get Audit Representation. Let a Skilled Tax Attorney Lead the Way. 

IRS audits are notoriously complicated, even for people who are familiar with tax law. Even small missteps, clerical errors, or honest mistakes in your tax returns can create awkward and uncomfortable situations for you.

Representing yourself in an IRS audit can lead to you having to explain tax situations and issues that you’re not prepared to answer. That, in turn, can raise the suspicions of the IRS and bring you or your business under even more scrutiny.

Trust Your Audit to Legal Professionals Who Know What They’re Doing

Rather than represent yourself and potentially make your audit situation even worse, let J. M. Sells Law handle it for you. We’ll sort out your mountain of invoices and verifying documents, create a picture of your tax situation, and make a case to the IRS on your behalf so you can keep as much of your money in your bank account as possible.

Schedule a free case analysis by dialing (412) 459-7480 or submitting an online form here, and we’ll do the heavy lifting to fight your audit and help you get back to life, or business, as usual.

Guaranteed Results. Trusted. Licensed.
  • Licensed Tax Attorney

    Josh is a real licensed IRS tax relief attorney. Don’t fall for “tax group” scams from unlicensed “tax relief firms.”

  • Money Back Guarantee

    If we don’t get the resolution that we tell you we can get, we will refund your entire legal fee – how’s that for a guarantee?

  • Low Flat Rates

    We have extensive experience and can tell you precisely what your flat rate legal fees will be. We have payment plans too.

  • 99% Success Rate

    As a licensed IRS tax relief attorney, you know you will get results. We shoot straight and will tell you exactly what to expect.

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