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Tax liens are a formalized, public record that you owe money to the IRS, filed in the county in which you or your business reside. Liens are one of the main mechanisms with which the IRS can collect unpaid taxes from you. They usually come before a levy, when the IRS actually takes your property or your assets to satisfy your debt.

While a lien doesn't necessarily mean you lose your property or your assets, it can still make your life much more difficult because it impacts your ability to do things like take out a loan, sell real estate, or refinance your mortgage.

Liens also make it virtually impossible to sell or exchange any property that has a lien against it until the lien is released.

If you owe the IRS money, they can take your house, your business, and your money. Our Pennsylvania tax lien lawyers are here to help make sure that doesn’t happen. Call (412) 459-7480 or contact us online for a free consultation.

How To Get a Tax Lien Release: Licensed Tax Attorneys Services in Pennsylvania

An IRS tax lien often creates an impossible situation where you owe money to the IRS but can’t sell the assets that you need to reconcile your debts.

Within 30 days of having a lien placed against you, you can request a Collection Due Process (CDP) to appeal the lien before the IRS and ask them to review your case. The IRS can then choose to grant your request and remove the lien if you can prove that releasing it will allow you to pay your debts.

Your other options for removing your tax lien are:

  • Discharge/Subordination: removing the tax lien on a piece of property so you can sell or refinance it to pay your debt
  • Offer in Compromise (OiC): Settle for a lower amount than the original lien
  • Direct Debit Installment: Make your lien more financially manageable by arranging monthly payments to the IRS and paying it off one piece at a time

IRS Tax Liens Are a Nightmare Situation. We’re Here to Help You Through It.

Being brought before the IRS with the risk of losing almost everything you own is one of the most daunting situations a taxpayer can experience.

Your chances of succeeding in getting a tax lien release or at least creating a more livable tax situation are significantly higher if you have an experienced, licensed tax relief attorney to represent you.

J. M. Sells Law will examine the nuances of your situation, defend you against the IRS, and fight for the best possible outcome.

Contact our Pennsylvania tax lien attorneys for a free case analysis to discuss how we can help you with your IRS tax lien case today. (412) 459-7480.

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