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The IRS has an Offer in Compromise settlement program that can literally wipe out your back taxes for a fraction of what you may owe. Our firm knows how to maximize your savings so you pay the least amount possible to the IRS.

“J.M. Sells Law was very professional and responsive to my IRS tax debt. They saved me over $63,000 in tax debt. Customer service was very professional. If you are in need of a Law firm that will support your needs J.M. Sells Law is the one.” -Victoria B.

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There are multiple ways to get an IRS tax lien removed, including withdrawal, subordination, release, and discharge. An experienced IRS tax relief attorney can quickly and efficiently pursue the best option to get that lien off your name and out public records.

“Mr. Sells accomplished in less than 60 days what my last tax attorney did not accomplish in more than 2 years . . . There is no better law firm for dealing with the IRS!” -Jim C.

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If the IRS is taking money from your paycheck or they levied your bank accounts, you need to act fast. We can remove garnishments and stop the levies on your bank account. Sometimes, we can stop wage garnishments the same day!

“I give this Law Firm a 5 star rating . . . I was sold on J.M. Sells. I was so stressed out, thinking the IRS was going to take everything from me. I was assured that, that wasn’t going to happen. And it didn’t . . . I will recommend this firm to anyone!”- Meshell F.

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IRS tax Penalties can add up to almost 50% of your actual tax! Your IRS tax relief lawyer can petition to abate (remove) those penalties. Either through the first time abatement program or a reasonable cause abatement request, you can save thousands!

“I was amazed how quick and effective the outcome was for me! All the worry and hardship trying to handle it all myself is now gone! The lack of worry and peace of mine is well worth it for me!!”- Donald M.

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If you are dealing with an IRS tax audit, it can be very stressful. You need an IRS tax relief attorney that can represent you and your interests. When we represent you during an audit, we do the heavy lifting. You generally won’t even have to talk to the IRS while we work on getting the best resolution for you or your business.

“J.M. Sells Law is definitely leading the way when it comes to customer service and support, having the expert knowledge available across many subjects and most importantly getting the job finished with awesome results . . . We continue our relationship with J.M. Sells Law to this day and will for many years to come.”- Ronald P.

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If you have outstanding returns that need filed, our tax law firm can handle those delinquent returns for you. Or maybe you need to change a past filed return. Sometimes amending a return can save you thousands of dollar!

“Great organization to work with. Very thorough and easily accessible. Can’t recommend enough!”- Jeff H.

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The IRS can make mistakes! It happens more times than not. If you have a wrongful IRS tax assessment, we can appeal that decision or ask for reconsideration. You almost always end up in a better position when going through tax appeals.

“Awesome service. I felt very comfortable with everyone I worked with and they saved me money on my taxes. Overall very pleased with the end result.”- Kim C.

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If you owe the IRS back payroll (941) tax, they can come after you personally. We can fix those payroll tax issues and save you from the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.

“Awesome service. I felt very comfortable with everyone I worked with and they saved me money on my taxes. Overall very pleased with the end result.”- Kim C.

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How We Work

Free Tax Case Analysis

1-3 Days
Just because you owe tax doesn’t mean you should pay that amount in full. There’s a lot of tax relief options when facing crippling tax debt. As a proven IRS tax attorney, we don’t charge for a free case analysis to give you options.

Free Tax Case Analysis

1-3 Days
Just because you owe tax doesn’t mean you should pay that amount in full. There’s a lot of tax relief options when facing crippling tax debt. As a proven IRS tax relief attorney, we don’t charge for a free case analysis to give you options.

IRS Tax Resolution

2-4 Months
Your IRS tax relief attorney will defend you against the government. With decades of experience navigating the complexities of tax law, your IRS tax professional will negotiate a manageable tax resolution – saving you thousands.

IRS Tax Freedom

4-6 Months
Working with an IRS lawyer allows you to leverage our extensive experience and negotiating power to get the best possible tax solution. You’ll have the IRS off of your back for good when we close your case!

Our Practice Areas

IRS Back Tax

Get Free from IRS Back Tax!

If you or your business owe money to the IRS , we can remove penalties or even do an Offer in Compromise settlement. You have options!

IRS Audit Representation

Get Representation During IRS Tax Audits

The government has attorneys representing its interest. You need an IRS tax lawyer to represent your interests during an IRS tax audit.

Payroll Tax & Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Get On Track With Payroll Taxes & the TFRP

Payroll taxes are the number one target of the IRS. We can get your payroll on track and avoid Trust Fund personal liability.

Tax Levies & Wage Garnishments

Stop IRS garnishments & levies

If the IRS has garnished your wages we can stop the garnishments. If they’ve seized your bank account, we can get it returned.

IRS Tax Liens

Remove IRS Tax Liens

If the IRS has filed a tax lien (Notice of Federal Tax Lien) against you, your IRS tax relief attorney will know how to remove it and get it off of your records for good.

IRS Tax Returns & Amended Returns

Get Current & Compliant With Tax Filings

Have delinquent returns or need to amend a previously filed return? We are a full-service tax law firm and can handle that.

Meet Your IRS Tax Relief Attorney

Josh Sells, IRS Tax Relief Attorney

Here’s a letter from founder and tax relief attorney Joshua M. Sells about his personal IRS tax struggle. He had an IRS tax issue years ago and how he has devoted his entire professional career to helping fellow citizens solve their IRS tax issues.

Read Josh’s Letter >>

  • Georgetown Law Masters in Taxation (LLM)
  • Licensed by the bar, Tax Court, and the IRS
  • Tax Resolution Author, Speaker, and Lecturer
  • Worked with 2 of the “Big 4” Accounting Firms
  • Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited
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IRS Tax Question? Ask Josh!

Guaranteed Results. Trusted. Licensed.

99% Success Rate

As a licensed IRS tax relief attorney, you know you will get results. We shoot straight and will tell you exactly what to expect.

Low Flat Rates

We have extensive experience and can tell you precisely what your flat rate legal fees will be. We have payment plans too.

Money Back Guarantee

If we don’t get the resolution that we tell you we can get, we will refund your entire legal fee – how’s the for a guarantee?

Licensed Tax Attorney

Josh is a real licensed IRS tax relief attorney. Don’t fall for “tax group” scams from unlicensed “tax relief firms.”

Real Clients. Real Results.

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Andrew and Stacy Paid $0 to the IRS

We got them on a Financial Hardship with the IRS and they didn’t have to pay anything back. We also got a $200 wage garnishment released.

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Wayne Saved $13,000

We did an IRS penalty abatement for Wayne and removed $13,000 in penalties. We also released a $4,000 bank levy.

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Jeff and Lorrain Settled $129,000 for only $6,600

We were able to do an IRS offer in compromise for $6,600 for their $129,000 total back tax debt!

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Brian Settled $6.7M for $49,000

Brian had a wage garnishment that we released and we successfully settled his multi-million dollar IRS back tax for a fraction of what he owed.

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Michelle Settled $77,000 with only $750 to the IRS

We were able to settle Michelle’s back tax of $77,000 with only $750 to the IRS. We were able to remove the tax lien too.

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Negotiated a Back Tax Case

We were able to negotiate a back tax case and get Don and Sue in compliance.


Frequently Asked Questions

I understand the case analysis is free, but how much is it going to cost me if I hire your firm?

Great question. And you are right – the case analysis is absolutely free. With the case analysis, we will be able to tell you exactly what your options are to resolve your tax situation – Josh will also be able to offer you a guarantee – he will get the results promised, or your money back. Typically, our clients pay a flat rate for legal fees of around $2000 – $4000. We also offer payment plans.

Do you really guarantee results?

Yes – that is “for real.” Josh is not like other attorneys. He will put his money where his mouth is. As a licensed IRS tax relief attorney, he understands that other firms or even unlicensed scams have left a bad taste in your mouth. He wants to earn your trust before he earns your business. During your free case analysis, Josh will tell you the results that he will guarantee. If we can’t deliver – we refund your money. Take a screen shot of this if you want – it is legally binding! 🙂

I've got a ton of advertising from tax resolution groups. Are you really a tax attorney?

We hear this one a lot! Yes, Josh is an actual tax attorney. His headquarters are located in Ohio, but he is licensed to practice before the IRS for anyone in the United States. That means that he represents taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states.

Oh, and he is also licensed before the United States tax court too.

What is the free case analysis that you are offering?

Yeah, that’s a great question. First, the case analysis is where we will pull your IRS tax files – – – this pulls the curtain back on what the government has in your file. We will see exactly what your specific tax situation is and determine the best resolution for you. This process generally takes just a day or two. Once we have those files, Josh will review them and put together a report for you outlining his findings and recommendations. He will jump on a call with you to go over this and to answer any questions you may have. Josh will also tell you exactly what the flat rate legal fee would be if you wanted to hire us and exactly how much you are going to save in taxes (your savings is almost always higher than the legal fee). That is the “phase 1” as we call it – the free case analysis.

If you have a tax emergency (wage garnishment, audit, bank levy), we can start working on day 1 – Josh would just consolidate everything for you so your situation can be handled immediately. Generally, if you have a tax emergency, we can get it resolved within a day or two.

I've heard about the IRS Fresh Start - what is that?

The IRS Fresh Start program was an initiative started years ago by the IRS to help taxpayers start over after large sums of back taxes. The Offer in Compromise is part of that program. With an IRS Offer in Compromise, we can submit a settlement offer to the IRS to permanently settle your back taxes. It is true that you can literally settle for pennies on the dollar. However, the IRS uses a very complex formula to determine what you should offer. Your offer is based on available net assets and your future income potential. Factors such as age, household size, and location all factor into this analysis. We submit a lot of these settlements for our clients with great success. Josh will be able to tell you if you likely qualify for a settlement . . . and if you are on the fence of qualifying, Josh knows legal ways to get your income and expenses where they need to be for qualification purposes.

Besides the IRS Offer in Compromise settlement, are there other IRS back tax options?

Besides the Offer in Compromise (settlement), there is (1) financial hardship (the IRS closes your account and stops trying to collect), (2) installment agreements with penalty removal (we get $1,000’s in penalties removed and set up a long-term installment agreement that can be as long as 84 months), (3) amended returns/appeals (sometimes we can lower or eliminate the tax bill just by amending the return or filing an appeal), (4) innocent spouse relief (if it wasn’t your fault, but was your spouse’s fault, we can pursue that option for relief), and (5) Collection Statute Expiration Date (occasionally, you may be close to the statute of limitations date, so we can petition to have the tax removed if the IRS doesn’t remove it automatically).

Josh has a lot of experience determining the best course of action – whatever he decided with you will likely save you a ton of money in taxes. Best of all, he does the case analysis for free, so you will know ahead of time what your options are without having to pay a dime!

I know you're an IRS Tax Relief Attorney, but do you do IRS Tax Audits?

YES! And the sooner you contact us, the better. There are many deadlines involved with audits. A lot of issues can be avoided the sooner you contact us. Sometimes, simply having an attorney involved with the process will get you better results because the government does not want to deal with appeals.

You do NOT have to talk to the IRS once we are involved with your audit. We will represent you on your behalf.

Please don’t put this off – if you are under audit, contact us immediately. Even if the audit is done, you have a very limited amount of time (generally less than 90 days) to file an appeal – – – YOU WANT TO FILE THE APPEAL! Please get a hold of Josh as soon as you can – the results will almost always be better.

What is the contact information for J. M. Sells Law?

The quickest way to reach us is by phone – our direct number is 330-331-7611. If you need to email us, you can email the firm at or you can email a question directly to Attorney Josh Sells at

Our national headquarters is located at:

1392 High St. Suite 109

Wadsworth, OH 44281

Very Limited Time - Tax Attorney Case Analysis - FREE

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  • Tax Attorney will do a Full Review
  • 1/2 Hour Tax Attorney Phone Consultation
  • Compare Tax Savings and Attorney Fees
  • Get Your Actual IRS Tax Files
  • Get a Full Report and Our Recommendation
  • Be Able to Ask the Tax Attorney Your Questions

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